Dave and Lucky

Dave and Lucky VandeGejuchte started it all in 2008.  The Treasure Hunt is a giant yard sale for the whole Parish.  What began as a small sale has grown into one of the largest Parish events, with hundreds of people both working and attending the event.

The St. Stephen Treasure Hunt benefits our Parish, and many charities sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and the Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary.

Event Details

Dates: Friday, October 4, 2018,  7 am - 5 pm
             Saturday, October 5, 2018, 7 am - 2 pm
Food: We will have lunches, drinks, and desserts available for sale

Volunteering to Help

As the largest fundraiser of the year, we need parish participation!!!

Please contact us for more info at koc9282volunteer@gmail.com

- If you can help with our furniture crew please, call Bill Gunter, 615-403-5497